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 Tianjin Ruifeng Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaozhan Industrial Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, between Beijing and Tianjin. The Beijing-Shanghai Expressway runs through the north and the south, and the transportation is convenient.
Founded in 2004, the company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, design, mold manufacturing, production and sales. The company has 40 fully automatic nylon production lines, 15 PVC production lines, and an annual output of 90 million meters of nylon heat insulation strips. With nearly 50 employees, 5 high-quality management personnel and engineering and technical personnel, the company has trained a large number of mold manufacturing and product manufacturing personnel, which provides a strong guarantee for the company’s product development and production, and the company has already formed its own products in the past few years. ----"Jingruite".
Tianjin Ruifeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a company that produces nylon (PA66GF25) insulation strips in large quantities. The main products are PA66 insulation strips, PVC insulation strips, insulation strips for doors, windows and curtain walls, insulation profiles, materials, products Used in aluminum alloy doors and windows, curtain wall construction, and broken bridge aluminum industries. The products are sold everywhere. Now the company has more than 200 types of cut-offs. The products have passed the I certification. The products are tested and qualified by the relevant departments every year. The product indicators reach GB/23615.1- The 2009 standard, the company has strong R&D and design capabilities, is the magic weapon for Tianjin Ruifeng to win many customers over the years.
  In the days to come, our company will be more wholeheartedly working with new and old customers, hand in hand, and common development. Customers are welcome to choose the "Jinruite" brand heat insulation strip series products produced by our company.

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